>> Tha Phae Gate

Anyone passionate about history Tha Phae Gate is another place you shouldn't miss. It is an ancient site of Chiang Mai and the face will be very familiar even if anyone has never been there. Because famous film studios, most of them will choose this location regularly when they go to film in Chiang Mai. It is an ancient site built during the Phaya Mangrai period. It can be said that Chiang Mai is very important and proud of it.

>> Phra That Doi Suthep

The most popular place for making merit. Or if you are not a merit person, you can go. In addition to being a temple, There is also a viewpoint, where you can see the city of Chiang Mai from a high angle that can be said to be very beautiful. Anyone who goes to Chiang Mai Province I can say that you really shouldn't miss stopping to take pictures and check in at this place.

>> Chiang Mai Zoo

At Chiang Mai Zoo, there are normal animals like zoos in other tourist attractions, but it's different and you shouldn't miss taking pictures at the check-in because in addition to the animals, there are also diplomats from China live here, that is, “Lin Hui” himself, even though he is sleeping and has his back turned to those who come to see him. But this one makes Chiang Mai city stand out and become another famous tourist city in Thailand.

>> Nimmanhaemin

Hipster type, art type, photography type, no need to say too much. Because coffee shops, galleries, handcrafts, and art galleries are all here! If you want to relax in a place that is calm and not crowded. This place can answer your questions.

All of the places we've recommended are very popular check-in spots. The tourist attractions in Chiang Mai are not just these. There are still many tourist attractions waiting for friends to experience by themselves. Let me tell you, every time I go to Chiang Mai I am impressed.