Emerald Pool, Krabi In ancient times, there was a belief story told that "Phu Phut Pool" was the origin of the Emerald Pool. It is a place where Kinnaree players play. Which when imagined according to belief with incredible beauty An emerald pool nestled in the middle of a beautiful natural forest. It immediately reminded me of the movie "Avatar".

But actually, the Emerald Pool is formed from underground water rising through cracks in the ground called Ta Nam until it becomes a vowel It is located in the area of Khao Phanom Bencha National Park, Khlong Thom Nuea Subdistrict Khlong Thom District, Krabi Province. Where the Emerald Pool has an environment of rainforest and fern grove, making it a living source for many animals such as chamois, tapir, tiger, and clouded leopard. If anyone goes to see rare birds in the Emerald Pool area, they can see them. There are many types such as Black-bellied Pitta Brown kingfisher, black hornbill, etc.

Emerald Pool, Krabi, beauty as if in a fairy tale.

Emerald Pool and Pool Phut are clear blue-green, beautiful like emeralds. And can change color according to the environment and weather conditions. The water temperature is approximately 30-50 degrees Celsius a relatively high temperature. It's because the Emerald Pool was formed from a warm water stream in a low-lying forest and became three hot springs: Sa Kaeo, Emerald Pool, and Phut Pool. It is also mineral water. Formed by the deposition of many different minerals over a long period. The Emerald Pool has a center of approximately 15-20 meters and a depth of 4-5 meters. The pond's floor is made of sucked mud. Therefore, you should not go into the Emerald Pool at all.

For those who like to walk and study nature, there is a walking path approximately 2.7 km long. Along the route, you will gain knowledge from the signs posted at regular intervals. It can be said that besides having a beautiful natural atmosphere. I also received knowledge back home. This route will start before reaching the Emerald Pool. The Khao Pra-Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary is approximately 800 meters, in addition to learning and receiving the beauty of nature Various trees, and the Emerald Pool If you continue for about 300 meters, you will reach “Bo Phut Nam” which is the starting point of the Emerald Pool. This spring is also a mineral spring. Water bubbles out periodically. If anyone goes there, try clapping your hands. You will find that water will rise to the rhythm of the sound of applause. It should only be done under the supervision of an official. If done together in large numbers doing it too often may hurt the cycle. of nature All walking routes will converge at the Emerald Pool.

If I were to recommend entering the Emerald Pool. Take the normal route from the parking lot, approximately 800 meters. On the way back, follow the nature trail. In a circular walk, You will be able to visit the Emerald Pool in its entirety.

For those who go to the Emerald Pool, What should you prepare? and should not be forgotten at all It is a suit for soaking in warm water. The area of the hot waterfall has a basin area. When you soak in it helps you feel comfortable. Very relaxing. But if you don't want chaos, you should choose to go on weekdays. Or it's not a long holiday to avoid congestion from many tourists.

Traveling to the Emerald Pool, Krabi.

Traveling to the Emerald Pool It is recommended to use a personal car. If you don't bring your car, renting a car will be the most convenient. From Krabi town to the Emerald Pool, a distance of approximately 45 km., takes no more than 1 hour. Start driving along Phetkasem Road. (Krabi-Trang) until you reach Sukhaphiban 2 Road, then turn into it. Please pay attention to the road signs. Khlong Thom District Office Then follow the signs for approximately 15 km on Highway 4038. After that, turn right onto Rorphor Road. You will see signs pointing the way to the Emerald Pool and Hot Waterfall. If anyone is not sure and is afraid of getting lost, it is recommended that you turn on your GPS.

The Emerald Pool is open for viewing every day from 8.30 - 17.00 hrs.