• Tawaen Beach
If anyone is a party person and likes fun, liveliness, and lots of people. Tawaen Beach is known as the beach on Koh Larn, that will never make you lonely. Because there aren't many rocks at this beach. There are many water activities such as playing banana boats, jet skis, and boats for rent and there are many accommodations and restaurants available. In addition, if anyone is a photography enthusiast, Tawaen Beach will also have a wooden bridge connecting it to Sangwan Beach for taking beautiful photos to show off on social media.

  • Nuan Beach
It is a beach that is opposite to Tawaen Beach. Compared to other beaches on Koh Larn, Nuan Beach is a beach with a lot of rocks. Therefore, there are not as many swimming or water activities as at Tawaen Beach. But the uniqueness of this beach is just as outstanding: the abundance of rocks makes it a hiding place for small fish and other sea creatures. When you dive down, You will feel like you are very close to nature with very clear sea water and fine sand, worthy of the name Nuan Beach. If anyone is a peace-loving photographer type. Nuan Beach will not disappoint you.

The above-mentioned are only a sample of the beaches, that you must not miss on Koh Larn. Of course, on Koh Larn there will still be beautiful beaches and many tourist attractions for everyone to try and experience. Who wants to go to the beach? Pack your bags and invite your loved ones together!