Traveling to Mae Kampong Village is convenient. You can choose your travel according to your aptitude. Whether it's a private car rent a motorbike or rent a car. If you're skilled at driving, it's a good option and very convenient because the road to Mae Kampong Village is quite good. There may be some sections in Mae Kampong Village that are steep. At this point, if you are unsure, we recommend you park your car at the village parking lot and walk around. Or you can take a van, but traveling by van requires calling to reserve or contact the page “Mon Cham Mae Kampong Van” or “San Kamphaeng Hot Springs Van” page to reserve seats in advance. Because each day there will not be many trips and cars running. For convenience, it's better to reserve in advance. Another way that is very convenient and the more people you go with, the more worthwhile and extremely economical is to rent a red car. The cost depends on our negotiations and with the chauffeur. This method may not get the same price. But traveling to Chiang Mai this way will be a lot of fun for you.

Mae Kampong Village is a place that can be visited on a day trip. But if you want to relax fully and absorb the atmosphere Breathe in fresh air to fill your lungs. It is recommended that you stay for one or two nights. In Mae Kampong, there are quite a variety of accommodations to choose from. There are homestays for villagers. The atmosphere is cute and friendly. Prices start at 500 baht and most often include a light breakfast such as porridge. Some houses will also take you to collect coffee beans in the morning. Anyone who wants to experience the way of life of the villagers of Mae Kampong Village must try it at least once. For those who are content lovers, Mae Kampong has accommodations ranging from cozy and warm to luxurious. Soak in a tub and read a book in the middle of the valley, take photos, and create beautiful content for sure.

You must not miss going to Mae Kampong. As mentioned at the beginning, Mae Kampong Village has a cute cafe. Take lots of photos. Just in the Mae Kampong market zone, you can take lots of photos to put on your story. I would like to recommend 3 places that are almost landmarks here. Anyone who comes must take a photo. (For other cafes, try finding more information from the group. You can post "We love Mae Kampong" on Facebook.)

Travel and experience nature at Mae Kampong Village

The first place, Lung Pud Pa Peng Shop, is one of the first coffee shops in Mae Kampong, prominently located in the middle of the market. Anyone who visits Mae Kampong Village must come and take a photo in front of this cafe. Because the shop is decorated uniquely. Harmony with the environment, next to a stream and delicious coffee. It can be said that if anyone comes to visit Mae Kampong Village and doesn't come here to take photos, it is considered that they haven't arrived.

Lung Pud Pa Peng Shop

Review Lung Pud Pa Peng Shop

The second shop, bird watching and tree watching, is on the way to Mae Kampong Waterfall. This shop is perfect for sitting and admiring the view, sipping coffee, reading a book, and listening to quiet music by yourself. Anyone who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life is recommended to stop by this shop.

The third shop, Teddu café, is another landmark of Mae Kampong Village. It's both a cafe and there is accommodation too. For those who like a beautiful, peaceful, shady place to stay and listen to the gentle sound of the water, I recommend this place. For those who aren't staying, you can go drink rich Belgian cocoa here, choose a beautiful cake to eat together, and sit and listen to the sound of flowing water and enjoy it until you forget the time. On the way back, get a little more adrenaline in your blood by walking up a suspension bridge. It's a little high, and a little thrilling, but the photos turned out so great that friends asked to follow the steps.

Apart from the cafe, another thing that should not be missed when visiting Mae Kampong Village is tasting "Kai Pam" Khai Pam is similar to an omelet. But put it in a banana leaf basket and grilled with charcoal. If you go during the winter, waking up and eating hot wild eggs will increase your life energy to the fullest.

See the beauty of Mae Kampong Village

Walk to admire the beauty of Mae Kampong Village

Before returning the next morning, don't miss watching the sunrise at Kew Opium in the Tin Tok Royal Project. This is the point where you can see the sunrise very beautifully. Because it is a panoramic corner with almost no trees covering it. If you go in the winter, it might be a bit crowded. But if you go in the summer like this, in addition to the weather being comfortable, not too cold, you can also see the most comfortable view. And If friends It's a stream of waterfalls and after watching the sunrise. We still go for a walk along the waterfall, and stop by for a cool swim. Before going back down to continue exploring Chiang Mai, it was very refreshing.

There are many photography spots at Mae Kampong Village

Experience the beauty of Mae Kampong Village