We started this trip at 5 a.m., driving from our house near the Hua Mak Airport Link. Traveling to the boat at Khao Ma Cho Pier, Chong Samae San Subdistrict, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province takes approximately 2 hours to experience diving near Bangkok in the beautiful sea.
  • When arriving at Khao Ma Jor Pier, We started our snorkeling trip to Koh Samae San. Change into a diving suit Listen to advice from officials And receive diving equipment including diving goggles, snorkel, and life jacket. Speedboats also depart to the various islands. Ready to explore and experience the beauty under the sea.
  • Our first stop is Koh Chuang, which is on the southern side of Samae San Bay. This is where the staff will teach you how to use scuba diving equipment and how to dive For those who don't know how to dive yet, don't worry at all because snorkeling is very easy. In just 10 minutes of teaching, everyone will be ready to dive! >> Koh Chuang is one of the interesting tourist spots in Pattaya. There is a small sandy beach that is a breeding and laying area for sea turtles. Here, the officials at Koh Chuang will not let you go onto the beach. Because it is a protected area, you can snorkel and see shallow coral reefs in the surrounding area. And we met tigerfish and clownfish for the first time very cute.
  • The speed boat took us to Yang Kluea Island. which is equally beautiful Here we visited the strangely shaped rocks that look like art in the middle of the sea and dived to see the beauty under the sea that includes sea anemones Staghorn coral, giant clams, and many sea fish.
  • End your Samae San diving trip with Green Water Beach and Rong Khon Nang Island. with unique emerald green sea water, Every point the boat takes us to is said to be as beautiful and beautiful as the South Sea. It's unbelievable that the sea this beautiful is so close to Bangkok. This time we booked a Samae San diving trip with RestNFun who gave very good advice. The guide and boat captain were friendly and attentive. They gave very good advice throughout the trip. Plus, you can take unlimited photos on the beach, on a boat, and underwater.
  • After having an amazing adventure with the underwater world, we went ashore and refueled at Pa Chuk Jo restaurant. Local restaurant with a cool atmosphere We recommend the stir-fried clam tendon menu, spicy fried catfish wild mushroom curry grouper head fish head clear soup. Let me tell you that this restaurant focuses on curry paste. The fragrant aroma of spices on every menu It's important to give a lot very worth the price.
  • We haven't had coffee all day today, so we stopped by City Coffee Pattaya, a cafe with a variety of drink menus and there is a popular corner, that anyone who comes to Pattaya must not miss: taking a photo with the Pridiyathorn yellow tree opposite the cafe. At the back is a view of Pattaya city contrasting with the sea, suitable for cable and very Instagramable.
  • Continue with another cup of coffee. We want to come to this shop. Because it is a shop that collects coffee beans from all over the world, there are both blends and singles from their roasting factory, like Sunset Coffee Roasters @Pattaya, a super chill cafe with views surrounded by the sea, mountains, and white sandy beach. You can see the sea view as far as the eye can see. Gives a feeling of relaxation and we can also lift a chair in front of the shop to sit and enjoy the sea breeze on the beach. Once I tried it, I was so impressed with its mellowness and intensity, that I wanted to go back again.
  • Drink coffee and sit and admire the view for a while. We went out to explore Pattaya, looking for a famous Mae Kim Luan mango shop with sweet fish sauce in Pattaya and taking photos in the city.
  • Continue your journey to Tappia Floating Café, a restaurant located on a floating boat at sea. Convenient travel with free speedboat pick-up and drop-off service! There is no charge from Bali Hai Pier, We chose to go on the first boat at 4:00 p.m. to reserve the best corner seats and to catch the sunset. Enjoy the squid fishing activity with a free grilled sashimi-making service! There is live music every day. It makes the atmosphere on the raft feel very good and also eat squid and fresh seafood On the raft, You can walk around and take lots of photos without getting bored at all.
After a satisfying meal at Tappia Floating Café, today's adventure ends, and we return to Bangkok. Let me tell you that even though I only had one day, I went to the beach. Plus, You can dive near Bangkok and you can also go fishing for squid. It's really fun.

Highlights you will love: 
  • Exploring Koh Samae San is a diverse and exciting experience. Whether it's viewing natural art rocks, enjoying the emerald green waters of Nam Khiao Beach Island, or following the movie scenes at Rong Khon Cinema Island. Samae San Island will be a tourist attraction, that you will have to get to know and be amazed along your travel itinerary in Pattaya.
  • City Coffee Pattaya is a popular coffee shop and viewpoint in Pattaya that is very popular right now. It's not just a beautiful view here. But the food and drinks are just as good.
  • Squid fishing activity at a new landmark, Tappia Floating Café, a squid fishing cafe in the middle of the sea that enjoys both the atmosphere, live music, and food. We recommend going the first time to see the sunset. I can tell you that it's very satisfying.
Travel program:

5.00 - 7.00 hrs.:
Depart from Bangkok. Board the boat at Khao Ma Cho Pier, Chong Samae San Subdistrict, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province. It takes approximately 2 hours.

7.30 - 8.00 hrs.:
Arrive at Khao Ma Jor pier, relax, change clothes, and listen to advice from the staff to prepare to depart for eco-diving at Koh Samae San by speed boat.

8.00 - 11.00 hrs.:
The boat departs for various islands and visits the small sandy beach, which is the breeding and laying area for sea turtles at Chuang Island. See strangely shaped rocks that look like art in the middle of the sea at Yang Kluea Island. Diving at Nam Khiao Beach Island and Koh Rong Khon Cinema The emerald green water is so clear you can see under the sea. A diving spot to see Nemo fish where you can take beautiful photos.

11.30 - 12.30 hrs.:
Recharge and have lunch at Pa Chuk Jo Restaurant. Which is approximately 40 minutes from the pier. Relax and experience delicious local wild food.

12.30 - 14.00 hrs:
Stop by the viewpoint of Pattaya at City Coffee Pattaya and drink coffee overlooking Jomtien Beach at Sunset Coffee Roasters @Pattaya.

14.00 - 16.00 hrs.:
Stroll around Central Pattaya. Rent a tent to relax and recharge. Stop by to eat mangoes with sweet fish sauce at Mae Kim's restaurant. They come to sit and eat on the beach.

16.00 - 21.00 hrs.:
Depart for Tappia Floating Café, a restaurant located on a floating boat at sea. Booking the first boat trip at 16.00 hrs. to get the best angle to watch the sunset.

21.00 - 22.00 hrs.:
End of today's trip and return to Bangkok.

Interested in inquiring about travel information and booking an eco-diving cruise to Samae San Island by speedboat and Tappia Floating Café. You can see more details at www.restnfun.com